Зала за лични и фирмени събития
Зала за лични и фирмени празници

Canapés and Dishes

            The described dishes are part of our broad portfolio, as for each particular event shall be offered the
            most appropriate for you version of the menu.

            When ordering bites for an event there is minimum number of 30 pcs.
            Part of our portfolio of over 50 types:

      1. Bites with "Camembert" cheese and forest fruits jelly
      2. Bites with king prawns in chili sauce and avocado caviar
      3. Bites with smoked salmon and Philadelphia cheese
      4. Bites with blue cheese and broccoli mousse
      5. Bites with foie gras and black truffle butter
      6. Bruschettas with roasted duck and De Paris butter
      7. Bruschetta with tapenade and jammon
      8. Appetizers with ham and green olive
      9. Skewers with baby mozzarella and cherry tomatoes

            Cold dishes
            Sample proposals for an event:

      1. Salad tomatoes with mozzarella and prosciutto with balsamic dressing
      2. Fresh salad with roasted duck magret and pomegranate
      3. Caprese salad
      4. Marinated octopus with dried tomatoes and olives
      5. Terrine of foie gras with blackberries and port wine jelly
      6. Whole salmon glace - showpiece

          Warm dishes
          Sample proposals for an event:

      1. Stuffed courgettes with cream of cheese and cream sauce
      2. Shrimp Saganaki
      3. New Zealand clams in cream sauce
      4. Sea bass fillet in a sauce of saffron and champagne
      5. Duck thigh confit on potatoes with black truffle
      6. Pork roasted at a low temperature in a red wine sauce
      7. Veal stew in red wine and vegetables


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