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Set Menus

             For each particular event, the menus are discussed and specified in advance, as different
             combinations are possible according to the occasion and your desires.

             Sample menus, suitable for official lunches and dinners:

      1. Fresh salad with smoked salmon and avocado with lemon dressing
      2. Pork stuffed with duck ragout and dark sauce
      3. Platter with dried meats
      4. Cake

      1. Terrine of buffalo cheese with garden vegetables
      2. Tiger shrimps in garlic butter
      3. Chicken breasts in four cheeses sauce, white rice and grilled vegetables
      4. Platter with cheeses
      5. Cheesecake with hazelnuts and toffee with coffee
      6. Hand-made chocolate bonbons

      1. Terrine of Black Sea fish served with fresh salad and "Aioli" sauce
      2. Goat cheese in pastry, honey, white truffle olive oil and sliced almonds
      3. Lamb rolls with sauce of white wine and rosemary
      4. Milk parfait with strawberries and chocolate sauce with mint
      1. Tomatoes stuffed with Rhodope katak
      2. Roasted peppers with red beans and forest herbs
      3. Kebab of game on polenta with bolete mushrooms
      4. Fresh seasonal fruits - served in a platter


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